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Intro to “Connections – The ISK Review”

This post is the start of one of my long-term projects in Eve – write an extensive review on the Eve Economy and make a comparison with the Real World Economy. While some parts of it will take the form of a guide on time-efficient trading strategies in Eve (more…)

Sun Of A Gun – December 2013: from 3 to 22 Billion

Let me say first, welcome to 2014 and second, welcome to the Eve “financial report” of December 2013. Since this is my first post of this type it has more than – these are the results and bye, bye( i.e. you may find some tips here). However, in it, I will try not boring you to death by throwing at you (more…)

New game plan: you’ll find a way

The next post will be a brief report of my road from 3.0 Billion ISK to more than 20.0 Billion ISK. It took me less than 24 days to get there. If that piques your interest, you may want to read this post. In it, among other things you will find the game plan behind my trip. (more…)

Hello Eve


Hi there, guys and girls. I know that most of you, or at least some of you, prefer to be called bad-ass PvP’ers, care-bears or other names like that but let me call you guys and girls for now. Since we (more…)