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You should try out Eve Online today. Why?

As the title suggests this is a post for the ones that haven’t tried out Eve online yet. I’m not going to make a big review of Eve here in order to convince you to give Eve a chance. Other people have already done it [g]. Chances are that you have read something, somewhere about Eve (more…)

New player experience: does CCP play pranks?

Initially I wanted the post for today to be a “business report”, but real life comes first: i.e. like most of the planet, I have to get drunk tonight. I hope you’ll do it too. Anyway, I already made two walls of text on the official Eve forum. So let’s not let them go to waste. Below is a (more…)

Cello Wars

Hello girls and wanna be girls. Three months without a single post doesn’t make much of a blog but let’s not get grumpy about it. After all, I just decided to give another shot to this old forgotten project of mine. “OK …, so how’s your solo pvp adventure going ?” (more…)

Born to Die – ISK Prize Contest

[ Last Update: He have a winner.] Hello Eve. As promised, this post opens the registration process to the contest I announced a few days ago that I will hold on this blog. For those of you who can’t be bothered to read this, here it’s ultra-condensed version of it: (more…)

Hello Eve


Hi there, guys and girls. I know that most of you, or at least some of you, prefer to be called bad-ass PvP’ers, care-bears or other names like that but let me call you guys and girls for now. Since we (more…)