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Connections – The ISK Review

Notes to the reader:

  1. If you intend to read this page because of your desire of making quick ISK please stop. I have to warn you right from the start that you are in the wrong place. If on the other hand, you’re interested to get some wider perspective on the Eve Economic System and not only, for the sake of satisfying your own curiosity, then I welcome you.
  2. This page is an ongoing project. Estimated date for completion – January 2016. I advise you to read more about this page here before you proceed any further with this one.
  3.  Legend: the topic is not active, the topic is active – check the link.

The basics

If someone starts developing an interest about the Eve Economic System, one of the first questions he/she should try to answer is:

  • What is Eve Online?

Eve Economy vs. Real World Economy

Eve is a virtual universe immersed in the real world. The overlapping area is where we find the social element. In both worlds, the economic system consists of the interaction between people governed by the human behavior, subject to the game mechanics in Eve and to the physical constraints in the real world. There are mainly two reasons of stating this obvious to some, overlooked by almost everyone, fact. The first is that many real world economic notions don’t make any sense in Eve. The second is that one of the goals of this project is to make a comparison between the two systems, meant to inspire people to reflect on some unquestioned (mis)conceptions on how the real world works.

Trading in Eve

One of the things most often said about trading in Eve is that it is one of the most humdrum activities in Eve. In part, it is true. However, this view mainly derives from having people trying out trading not because they want to (i.e. like) but because they need to. They follow the herd and they embrace trading with a real world trading mindset effectively transforming a game in a “job”. The right way to trade is your way – whatever it works for you is fine, as long as you enjoy doing it. This includes, but it’s not limited to, no trading at all.

  • Eve Trading in a Nutshell
    • Trading – the game mechanics
    • I want it now, and I want it here
    • The “Zeta” function – the income of a trader
    • A word on time efficiency in Eve
    • No trading at all
  • The structure of Eve trading
    • The research, transaction, analysis cycle
    • A closer look at the “analysis” – established Eve Market Tools
    • A closer look at the “research” – custom made Eve Market Tools
    • A closer look  at the “transaction”
  • Managing an Eve trading “business”
    • Global parameters – operational profit vs. wealth shift
    • Local parameters – the “Yes/No” theory
    • The dynamics of the transactions – a game of chance
    • Play by design – the cycles of life
    • Play by design – information and educated guesses
    • The right way to trade is your way
  • Eve trading categories:
    • The time scale: instant, short, middle, long term trading
    • The volume scale: low, middle, high end items
    • The supply/demand scale: manufactured vs. non-manufactured items
    • The price scale: super low, low, high, super high value items
    • The price margin is an overrated concept
  • Trading methods in Eve
    • Station Trading
    • Regional Trading and Inter Hub Trading
    • LowSec, NullSec, Mission Hubs Trading
    • Contracts trading
    • Spike trading and speculations
    • A word on time-efficient trading strategies

Industry in Eve

work in progress

Final Note

This page is subject to future updates. The present list of topics is not the the final one.

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