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Outside Eve Universe, I’m a final-year student of the Master Degree in Theoretical Physics, University of Turin. In Eve Online, I’m a relatively new player, a wannabe “solo::small gangs” pvp, with an active interest in trading.

[the blog]

The blog is on one hand an attempt from my part to improve my English and on the other hand, a place to keep track of my Eve experiences. Below is a wish list for this blog:

  • Develop an extensive review of the Eve Economic System including a guide on Eve time-efficient trading strategies
  • Analyze what I call the “Myths of Eve”


Link to the old about page here.

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  1. Bsrlin says:

    I look forward to following your path in Eve; I also am new to game, my character began 7/31/13, so will be interesting to compare paths through this universe of Eve. Enjoy yourself.
    (Note: My ingame Celthon Drakken).

    Thank you for an interesting read.

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