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23 September, 2013

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[Note: 23 September, 2013]

28 July, 2013. This is the birth date of my first account ever in Eve Online. Considering that I now play two accounts, planning to sub a third one, which will complete my planned setup for how I intend to play Eve, and taking into account that I’m also over 24, it pretty much means that I’m out of the race for a Nobel prize[*]. It also implies that I’m in the same boat as you. Well, at least … kind of. My approach to Eve is as simple as it can be: it’s a game, so let’s have some fun. We may win a fight, we may lose it, but as long we had our fair share of having a good time, at the end of the day, it’s all that matters. However, one needs to pay some attention on how the abstract notion of fun is defined. Everybody has its own definition of having fun

[this actually makes things quite hilarious, since everybody can use his own definition of fun it means that in Eve everybody could, at the same time, claim to have won and everybody claim would be valid; obviously, this doesn’t hold in real life – i.e. ask the inhabitants of any country who have recently lost a war if they can claim victory because of some wise guy interpretation of …; this is precisely why a game is a game, while real life is real life; it’s true that both worlds involve people interaction, hence many phenomena will take a similar shape, but there is no meaningfully way to build a one to one map between the two worlds.]

, so here it’s mine: trying new, …, challenging things equals fun; not challenging, from where I’m standing, equals boring as hell.

This blog was made with a simple objective in mind: to feed my constant need of … attention, yours[damn, I really can’t keep a secret]. On a more serious note, the present intention is to host here the story of a newbie[pick me, pick me, …] trying to become a good Null-Sec, Low-Sec PvP player without the support of any corporation. I may even try to bore you from time to time with not directly Eve related posts, we’ll see.

[Some of you: Omg, we are screwed. Just what we needed. Another “goblin” lecturing us about Eve. Someone call a hacker please. Don’t repeat past mistakes and go kill this clone while is still an infant; Me: Relax. 1. I don’t intend to go and kill miners; 2. I don’t take Eve as a career; 3. I like people; However, I do have some standards.]

It may or not end up as a successful venture. Anyway, what interests me most at this point, is to have the most fun I can by trying it. Moreover, my hope is that in the near future new players, like me, will find here some good tips

[truth be told, with some exceptions the intention is to make them more like  general guidelines]

about interesting stuff one can try as a newbie and that veterans will have the opportunity of some good laughs regarding the many failures I will most probably have.  Also, I will organize from time to time some contests for the readers having prizes in ISK or in-game items.

[Some of you: Bribing the readers. Good start, you’ll fit in Eve just fine.  Keep up the good work!]

Good, assuming that you have made it so far without any brain damage, you can read about what made me take this way in my first post on this blog. By the way, wish me luck! I will need it.

[How to read a post on this blog]

1. If not explicitly stated otherwise, I invite you to look at all the things posted on this blog as my own opinions, just that. Opinions that I may have on some topic at a particular time. Therefore, don’t expect or better said don’t read the stuff I’m posting with a universal key.

2. Also, remember that as far as most people are concerned, me included, I’m nothing else than a newbie when it comes to actually playing Eve. Follow any advice you may find here at your own risk. You have been warned.

3. You may have noticed that I enjoy digressing quite often from the main topic of a post. In order to make a post readable my random ramblings on various things inside a post are formatted out of the main text. You could and maybe even should leave them out on your first read.

4. The posts here are written having in mind people who aren’t afraid to read more than a twitter post long sentence. Also, try not to read this blog while you’re drunk: it will not work well for you[*].

5. Legend: [*] – inside joke; [g] – google it.


Try not to be an …, I have zero patience for that kind of stuff.

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