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Intro to “Connections – The ISK Review”

This post is the start of one of my long-term projects in Eve – write an extensive review on the Eve Economy and make a comparison with the Real World Economy. While some parts of it will take the form of a guide on time-efficient trading strategies in Eve, most of them will not (i.e. there are already more than enough guides on Eve trading, use Google). The role of the comparison part is to make you reflect on some of the real world (mis)conceptions. For everyone convenience, I made a dedicated page:

It is an ongoing project and it is probably a little too ambitious, but what the hell – who’s perfect these days anyway? The structure of the linked page is far from being finished but it can give you a heads up on some of the things you can expect to see posted here in the future. In addition, I don’t expect to finish this project sooner than January 2016, which is a realistic deadline giving my real life commitments. OK, you had enough of the boring stuff.


An interconnected web

I’m not sure how many of you, if any, have seen the old, by today standards, BBC documentary Connections by the science historian James Burke. I urge you to try watching it. It’s one of the few science related documentaries, which I found over the years, that doesn’t make me want to start throwing things towards the notebook or the PC screen. It has a refreshing view, perfectly logical, on how things come to be in the world: by accident. In particular, it explores the process of innovation tracking the roots of modern technological devices through the interconnected web of events that is human history. In addition, Burke delivers it using an enthusiastic presentation filled with dry humor. One of the main points of his work is that progress is not a linear process.

The rules of the game

This is in contrast with how the modern system education works. Speaking about education, a few years back, Sir Ken Robinson gave a well-received talk at a RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) called Changing Education Paradigms. You can also find it as a short version animated presentation. This is one of those kinds of talks that, once you watch/ listen it, it can trigger a genuine reflection process.

In present times, Richard Feynman is, in my opinion, a well-known figure. He received the Physics Nobel Prize in 1965 for his fundamental work in quantum electrodynamics. However, I dare to claim that most of his fame, outside the physics community, derives from his teaching style. After all, he received the Physics Nobel Prize together with Sin-Itiro Tomonaga and Julian Schwinger, both were great physicists but outside the physics community, almost nobody has ever heard of them. One could say many things about Feynman’s teaching style. For now, I only want to point out that his style was everything but conventional (i.e. not standardized). One of his deepest beliefs was that all the things at the fundamental level have to be simple and all the complexity around us is due to the law of large numbers. In other words, to understand the world you live in you need to figure out the rules of the game and the point is that they are never complicated (note to the reader: here, not complicated doesn’t mean easy to discover). By the way, you can see Feynman in action here.

Free knowledge

One of the today physicists I enjoy most reading is Warren Siegel. In my view, he follows the non-standardized way of teaching I pointed out earlier. The difference is that he does it at a more advanced physics level. He believes in free knowledge and, as such, his textbooks are in an electronic format and can be downloaded for free from his personal page. By the way, if you like science in general, you should read his common misconceptions page.

Wait, I’m confused …

What all this has to do with Eve? From my point of view, it has everything to do with Eve. This is my non-standardized way of telling you that my long-term project “Connections – The ISK Review” it’s about an interconnected web of events (i.e. people interactions in Eve), a “study” of the rules of the game (both for Eve and Real Word) and it comes to you free of charge, as all knowledge should. That’s it for this post. I hope you have clicked some of the linked resources in this post because they are really worthy of your time.

Signed out, Ritual Union.

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