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Born to Die – ISK Prize Contest

[ Last Update: He have a winner.] Hello Eve. As promised, this post opens the registration process to the contest I announced a few days ago that I will hold on this blog. For those of you who can’t be bothered to read this, here it’s ultra-condensed version of it:

I’m a two month old Eve player who decided to get into PvP with a one month old character and at the same time I thought to write a blog about Eve . The present ISK contest, where you have to guess how bad I’m going to be at PvP , helps me to promote this blog. 

Without any further ado let me introduce to you the contest under a Frequently Asked Questions format:

[First, the golden question: How much ISK can I win?]

  1. The ISK exact amount of the prize depends on how many characters register to the contest:
    • 1 Billion ISK if the number of characters registered is greater or equal to 100 ;
    • 0.5 Billion ISK if the number of characters registered is between 30 and 99;
    • there will be no prize  if the number of characters registered is below 30;

[What do I have to do to win the prize?]

  1. Register to the contest by leaving a short comment which must contain: one of yours character name, number of ships and  number of clones I’m going to lose before I manage to get a kill, number of real life days that will pass from the start of the contest until the end of it(the maximum is 14).
  2. The registration is free.
  3. Your guess, expressed in the comments area, will have the to be the best guess in order to win the prize.

[Wait, free registration?  Free ISK, everybody run: it’s a scam!]

  1. There is no scam, there is no catch. This is an honest blog marketing campaign that a new player with a new blog needs.

[When can I register to the contest? Who can register to the contest? ]

  1. Right now. The registration is open and it will stay that way until 7 of October 2013, 00:00 Eve time.
  2. Anyone that has at least one Eve character. You can improve your chances of winning by using more characters.
  3. After the registration period ends, I will have at maximum 14 days to try to get a kill in low-sec or null-sec areas. The contest can end in two ways: a. I manage to get a kill; b. the 14 days have passed.

[How a kill is “defined”? ]

  1. I’m not going to try to kill miners or industrial ships. A kill here is another PvP player ship that gets blown up.

[Oh, yeah I won. When can I take my “money” ISK?]

  1. The ISK will be transferred to the winner character when the contest ends.

[Additional information]

  1. The criteria that will be used to decide the winner are: number of ships lost, number of clones lost, number of days, pre-registration; in this exact order.
  2. If this is the first post you’re reading on this blog you can find at the end of my first post on this blog more information about the contest and not only.

Assuming that you’re reading this, i.e. you’re still with me, my guess will be that you’ve read at least in part the things I wrote so far on this blog and you are interested to take part in this contest. You know that when it comes to PvP I’m in the position of ” I have no idea of what I’m doing” type of player. At least, I have no idea yet. All I want for now is to have fun trying to PvP and the picture above does a better job at describing how I see it that I could ever do using words.something_funny_by_tompreston-d3c4jbk

Whatever your reasons for reading this may be, here are some things that may help you to have a better guess for the contest. Starting with 7 October 2013 I will be in low-sec or null-sec, still undecided, solo exploring  and actively trying to get into trouble.  You can see what ships I can fly here. Since I don’t have any ISK financial problems, I might even chose to fly a battleship to get some attention. We’ll see … Also, I will be playing Eve more than one hour per day but not more than two hours per day in average.

[Final thoughts]

Since I have zero PvP experience any advice from you advice will be appreciated. Don’t be shy. Also, as you noticed the prize increases with the number of characters registered to this contest. I’m not sure this will work as intended but it was put in place to give you an incentive to spread the word about this blog, so what are you doing still here? Go tell your friends about this blog. Until next time, fly dangerously or safely, whatever way you prefer it, but please: go and fly something!

Signed out, Ritual Union.

UPDATE: Registered characters- registration closes on 7 of October 2013, 00:00 Eve time.

character name ships pods days pre’reg
Catherine Au 0 0 2
Balun Gemulus 3 0
Kao Leoney 3 1 5
Emrhin 5 0 4
Jayrek Arro 5 1 7
Shirae Siranan 6 1 4
SilverTabby Catus 8 1 4
Kazuma Oshiro 10 0 12
Roda 6486B2-0-D 14 7 4 yes
Alichonji 16 4 6
Vahlhalla 20 5 12

Post Video: Lana Del Rey – Born To Die


  1. Balun Gemulus says:

    Balun Gemulus
    Ship losses: 3
    Pod losses: 0

  2. Rowan says:

    Jayrek Arro
    Ship Losses: 5
    Pod losses: 1
    7 Days.

  3. Roda 6486B2-0-D says:

    Roda 6486B2-0-D
    Ships lost – 14
    Pods lost – 7
    days until first kill – 4

    Its going to be a bitch trawling through a potential 100 posts like this.
    Good luck!

  4. Alichonji says:

    Ships lost – 16
    Pods lost – 4
    days until first kill – 6

    Days until first kill is really a question of time per day played, pure guesswork. I like your blog however.

  5. Vahlhalla says:


  6. SilverTabby says:

    SilverTabby Catus
    Ships — 8
    Pods — 1
    Days till kill — 4

  7. Kao Leoney says:

    Kao Leoney
    Ships – 3
    Pods – 1
    Days – 5

  8. Kazuma Oshiro says:


  9. Shirae Siranan says:

    6 ships, 1 pod, 4 days

  10. Catherine Au says:


  11. Ritual Union says:

    Hi there, even if I didn’t manage to get 30 characters to register I decided to consider the contest valid and therefore there it will be a 500mil ISK prize to give. Moreover, I had my first kill …yeah. As you can see here, I lost well over 20 ships, so the best guess was made by the Eve character “Vahlhalla”. The ISK were transferred via player donation to the winner. I will make a post later today with more details on my first days PvP experience etc. etc. Until then have fun.

    Signed out, Ritual Union.

    • Vahlhalla says:

      Awesome, Thanks for the isk. I look forward to reading about your trial and error in pvp. How many days did it take to get a kill?

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