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“The extraordinary evidence that CCP tolerates bots”[*]

You may recognize the title of this post from the Gevlon blog. I don’t want to make you lose any more time than you already did coming here, so let me clear the matter real quick: you’ll not find any piece of the so-called extraordinary evidence … on this post. Good, you can choose now to go back to pew, …, pew  or since I already managed to lure you in, and you’re more relaxed now knowing that your bots are safe, you can choose to stay with me and be bored to death with what is about to follow. It’s your choice.

After making that ridiculous claim, Gevlon made a step back, as I see it, and decided to share his new thoughts on the never-ending subject of botting. Below you have an exact quote taken from his post.

To solve the botting problem, we first have to see what the fundamental problem is. It’s not the bots, they are just the consequence. The problem is that a dumb, mechanical but very time-consuming way of playing is rewarded.

This time was almost spot on. However, the rest of his post was …, how to put it, it was goblin. I said almost because one can go a step forward and find that there it exists a deeper level where the problem lies.

We have a set of four distinct parties involved: the bot, the gamer, the game developer and the businessman. Take any of these out of the dancing ring and the problem is automatically solved. All honest players would like to see at least the bot being thrown out from this equation, which will be indeed very nice to see it happen. Unfortunately, I don’t see it happen any time soon. The real problem is the businessman, more precisely, it’s the fact that is not always in his best interest to actively pursuit the bot (this includes the “make the game harder” option). The game developer cannot exits without him, and without the game developer you don’t have a game. Bad news for naive people, bots are here and they are not going to leave. Pick any popular game that involves real money and I guarantee you that you’ll find all four parties mentioned above present.


[ Which one do you think is the bot in the image above?[*] ]

In conclusion, since CPP plays here two roles, game developer and businessman, I don’t need any extraordinary evidence for anything bot related. Reason tells us that it is common sense to expect that sometimes it’s not in CPP best interest to make bot pursuing his priority.

Should we make a case out of it? I can’t answer for everybody to this question. All I know is that as long as the bot activity will be kept by CPP at a reasonable level such that I can still enjoy the game the way I decide to play it I will stay subscribed. After all, I can always go play chess otherwise and blog about it[*].

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Signed out, Ritual Union.

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