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Hello Eve


Hi there, guys and girls. I know that most of you, or at least some of you, prefer to be called bad-ass PvP’ers, care-bears or other names like that but let me call you guys and girls for now. Since we haven’t yet been properly introduced I would like to try to fix this by asking you to read this first. Assuming you did as asked, you have a rough idea about what my intentions are and you may be wondering how I came up with this “insert here whatever you find most appropriate” game-plan[*]. First, a few words on how I see Eve: for me it’s a beautiful dark place where most nerds

[Since I see myself as a “nerd wannabe” you shouldn’t really make a case out of me calling you names]

like to pew, …, pew pixels. Why? Because, of course, that it’s the most funniest thing one can do in his life these days. Ok, nobody is perfect, let’s move on!

In order to satisfy your curiosity I have to tell you a story. I will do my best to keep it as short as I possibly can. It involves me playing two characters on two separate accounts: X- the trader(now 3.1mSP 56 days old) and Ritual Union(now 1.6mSP 28days old).


[The first Month in Eve]

After spending my first days in Eve fighting with the Eve horrible UI and abusing google, I decided that  given the available time I had to play  and the low SP required,  the best road for me in Eve at that point was to jump into trading right away. The goal was to raise some capital since it seemed to me to be needed by almost all fun activities in Eve. Moreover, this gave me a good excuse to learn javascript. The result: an IGB tool that helped me, and it still does, to choose what  items to trade: i.e. below you have a print screen of it.


[Hint: If you ever decide to get involved in trading do yourself a favor and learn some javascript, php and learn to use databases. You’ll not regret it. ]

Trading worked a lot better than expected and by the end of the first month I didn’t have to worry about ISK anymore. What I was still lacking in were the PvE standings. After testing that my old notebook can handle two accounts being played at the same time, Ritual Union became my new toy in Eve. Thought to be a combat pilot, the short-term goal was to help the trader get the damned standings by doing the L4 high-sec missions.

Now, I have to tell you and myself that in all honesty, except the time spent building the IGB tool and the brief moments of satisfaction that certain levels of wealth have been reached, I didn’t have much fun at all in Eve so far. What kept me going was what I thought as the fun to come: i.e. pew, …., pew!

[The second month in Eve – the search for a Corporation]

By now, I was starting to get a rough idea about what Eve is. While waiting for Ritual Union to train and doing the usual trade activity, I started to read Eve blogs and look for corporation adds. After two weeks or so the choices were: join a teaching corporation(EveUni like), join a corporation academy of some bigger alliance, join a “we have no idea what we’re doing but come and join us” high-sec corporation, keep looking.

What’s wrong with EveUni like corporations teaching newbies?  Nothing. As a matter of fact, if I had known in my first week that corporations like that even exist I would have jumped in without a second thought.  When I discovered EveUni I checked their forums and wiki pages. However, i.e. after listening to the trading lessons, I realized that what they offer is pretty much the basic stuff (with the big difference that you can learn those things while being in the company of other people; i.e. you can make friends while being there). They were all things that, at least regarding trading, I already knew and I even strongly disagree with some things said there about trading. Anyway, while I do think they are doing a great service to Eve, when I found out about them I decided they weren’t the thing for me.

Next on the list: corporation academy of some bigger alliance. SOV is a key feature of Eve and they usually have that, … awesome. What’s not so awesome is being in a fleet where the F.C. calls everybody idiots or you simply don’t feel comfortable being in. Well, I’m sure they are great people out there where things like that don’t happen but I wasn’t ready to take the risk and have to jump a few corporations until finding a decent one. Moreover, my opinion, more jumps you make less chances you’ll have to get in a decent one when you’ll finally find it because of simply having a “bad history employment”.

I’m not going to waste anybody time on “we have no idea what we’re doing but come and join us” corporations. As you can see, the last option won.

[A small favor to ask here: if you are a corporation requiring at least 20m SP,  proven PvP experience and etc., please stop making recruitment adds where you call yourselves new pilot friendly. Why? Because if an experienced PvP player with 20m SP(7 months of optimized skill training) is a new pilot then I’m Edward Witten[g]. Thank you.]

[The last week in Eve – finally … a decent Corporation for newbies ]

Back to keep looking. Around a week ago, a recruitment ad started to blink on my monitor and a glimmer of hope that my search could end started to foresee on the horizon. Finally a potential match for me. Next, I did my background check on them: forum, blogs, videos etc. More things I found out  about them more I was inclined to start talking with them right away. Which I did a few days ago. After all, who doesn’t want to join an alliance that it’s not afraid to play the little guy role in a fight, that recruits people not accounts, etc. etc.?[*]

[The last few days in Eve – exploring Null-Sec ]

The recruiter that handled my “case” put me on hold for a few days, which give me enough time to come up with “let’s go exploring null-sec” kind of idea: a null SP character in a free rookie ship means you can do it for free. Except the entrance system, the majority of systems there I found out to be empty most of the time during the day. I decided to hang out there for some time doing some practice on “get a hell out of there as fast as you can when bored people start shooting at you”.  After a while, I started to get better at staying alive while running from bad-ass wanna be. Also, since most people there were “mean to me”[*] and you can’t fight back in a rookie ship, I was like: “Ok, screw you! I will steal your loot then!” After a few failed attempts I started to get better at this too.

[In retrospect, since almost all the loot(other Players wrecks) there is Tech II or Faction, I think this is the easiest way to make some ISK to get you starting as new pilot(first week or so). You make a second character which you’ll never develop, and go steal the loot of gank’ers. They are in the same places and most of the time they want to stay cloaked, not chasing you in a rookie ship. They are not there for you. You need no skill of any kind and you have really zero risk involved. And yes, I know about Ninja Salvaging but that activity doesn’t have zero risk and does need some SP.]

I got bored doing this pretty soon and the amount of ISK one can make, while it could mean something for a fresh pilot – a two digit number in millions per hour with the exact amount depending mainly on how lucky one gets, it is nothing compared to trading. Next, I started to chase small gangs who were roaming there hoping to witness some fights and at the same time to see what kind of ships people usually fly there. All things considered,  exploring null-sec in a rookie ship was the best time I had in Eve so far.

[Two days ago – the recruitment interview ]

Finally, three weeks after I started searching for a corporation the moment of the first interview arrived. As you can imagine, I was kind of thrilled about it since this was an alliance that I really want to join and stay, not a “ok, let’s try to get in and see how it goes” type.  How did the interview go? Well, at the end of it the feeling was close enough to the one people have at the end of bad sex. Something like: “What? Did you finished already?” Basically, I was informed that I can’t be recruited at the time without being asked for much of anything else, and, therefore, I politely thanked the guy for his time.  Now, with the interview finished before it even started, after my initial “that was quick …” state of mind was gone, I was like: “Ok, what now?”

[One day ago – new plan ]

Options: 1. Back to scanning recruitment adds; 2. Solo WannaBe null-sec, low-sec PvP. No need to tell you which one I picked. Questions that some, maybe most, of you may have at this point: “Why did we had to read this?  I don’t care about all this shit. Where the fuck is the ISK contest? ” I will answer backwards the questions I imagined you may have.

[Now – Announcement of 0.5 Billion ISK Prize Contest]

Ok, this may look like the new CPP tactic- make an announcement of an announcement[*], but since right now I’m wondering for how long I will remain the only reader of this blog, the contest exact details will be posted here by the end of this week. However, I’m not CPP and I don’t have a virtual world to keep you coming back day after day to pew, …, pew. Therefore, here are some details about what the contest will be about.

By the end of this week I will move Ritual Union in null-sec and start to have fun trying to PvP. Targets: other PvP players, not miners, not industrial ships. You know by now that I’m a newbie, I have zero PvP experience  and Ritual Union is around a month old character(until the end of the contest the character sheet will remain public) but I do have a strong desire to finally get some real fun in this game.

I haven’t decided yet all the rules of the contest but what it is set in stone is this:  all you’ll have to do in order to win the 0.5 Billion ISK Prize is to have the best guess about the number of times I will lose my ship and my clone before I manage to kill someone. Since a person can have more than one character, and I’m not going to start playing Sherlock Holmes, one can participate with multiple characters. However, since one person can have multiple accounts, there will be a minimum limit for the total number of characters registered to the contest in order for it to be considered valid. This is not decided and it will strongly depend on the feedback I’ll get on this post. To participate :

  1. make a short comment to this post leaving the character name/names(see it as a pre-registration to the contest, it will help me see if people are interested or not about this thing I’m doing);
  2. make a short comment per character to the post contest(it will be here by the end of this week) specifying there: character name, number of lost ships, number of lost clones;

When I’ll manage to get my first kill, the character that had the best guess wins the ISK prize, simple as that. We will also have a time limit for me to actually do it: i.e. I think no one will be interested in this if I will get my first kill in half a year or so. Hmm, ISK for free, start running people: it’s a scamm. No, it isn’t. As I see it, is a fair price to pay for a marketing campaign that a new blog needs.

[Now – final thoughts]

Depending on when you’re reading this you may have found my blog because: 1. You read Eve forums and/or you caught me spamming your local, you saw the link and, having nothing else better to do at that point, you clicked the link; 2. You blow up my ship; 3. I blow up your ship(this my take a while, starting from now, to happen) 4. Others reasons I’m too lazy to think about.

You again: “All good, we got the story, the bribing, whatever. But why are we reading this? Why did you start a blog?”. Well, the answer you’ll find it here and if you have this question it means you have been bad boys/girls (duh, eve players – what else to expect from them). You didn’t do as asked at the beginning of this post, so go and read it if you’re curious enough.

Huh, this ended up to be quite a long post. I will stop here, but not before thanking you for your time and inviting you to share your thoughts if you feel like it by leaving a comment. Also, if you had a good time reading this please help me to get this blog started by sharing it with your friends. Until next time, fly dangerously or safely, whatever way you prefer it.

Signed out, Ritual Union.

Post Video: Radioactive – Lindsey Stirling and Pentatonix


  1. Takari says:

    Eve Name: Takari

    I do hope you keep up with the blog and I hope you stick with Eve.

    So this is the post about the contest and there will be a future post that’s the “Contest” post that I should be waiting to see?

  2. Even Name: Malrikk

    I like the blog, it’s a good read. Might I suggest adding an area to really help the newer people to the game though? We have such a high turnover in this game due to the difficulty.

    +1 overall though

  3. Bsrlin says:

    Hello, thank you for allowing us to share your adventures in Eve. I also recently started exploring this game (7/31/13), so I look forward to observing how divergent our paths become, or not.

    I’ve stopped looking for a corporation to join, as so many have too many “rules” dictates, etc. — this is a source of ENTERTAINMENT, ie. “a game”, LOL…too many little Napoleons running corporations. I’ll just fly through space and see what happens.

    Ingame name: Celthon Drakken

    Thank you again, and looking forward to reading/hearing more about your time in Eve.

  4. Roda 6486B2-0-D says:

    Character name : Roda 6486B2-0-D
    Pator Tech School is a good enough corporation for me, what with being a casual miner. I tend to chat and read blogs while hitting the ‘roids, so I’ll likely end up following WannaBePVP.

    Now for a somecritisism .. Your writing style seems long winded .. Maybe you could get to the point a little sooner? While some parts were quite funny to read I found myself wanting to skip ahead for the actual content.

    I’m especially looking forward to market related pearls of wisdom you might impart upon us.

  5. Ritual Union says:

    @Takari: Exactly.

    @arnold45: I honestly think than is not the lack of help areas the main reason for that. If you ask me, I’m betting on the fact that the horrible UI does a better job at keeping new players away from the game. However, I will write mostly about and for newbies. After all, it’s what I am: a newbie.

    @Bsrlin: Thank you. Have fun :)

    @Roda 6486B2-0-D: You’re right. Unfortunately is kind of a birth defect I have, being long winded. That’s the reason I’m trying to format the text in such a way that people can skip parts of it if they want without affecting the main topic of the post. I do understand your point and I think it’s a valid one. This is a blog not a book. It’s just that I don’t like making promises that I’m not sure I can keep.

    • arnoldr45 says:

      Yea the UI is pretty damn horrible, I’ve lost hope in them fixing it but, but you never know. I guess we can have hope that they’ll fix it in the winter expansion. Still though, I’m sure a lot of people get overwhelmed with it, and then once they lose their ship to a grief or a mistake it’s GG

  6. Roda 6486B2-0-D says:

    Which of EVE-Uni trading policies do you disagree with?

    • Ritual Union says:

      To keep it short I will name here one: “don’t start to station trade a product if it has less than 30% margin …”. Even if this is not an exact quote the essence of the advice is there. The problem is that if you follow that, you’ll end up playing 0.01 ISK, which, unless you don’t care about time, is not the right way to trade.

      I will elaborate on this in some future market posts. :)

  7. fereval says:


    Just stumbled upon your blog, and as a guy who follow pretty much the same thought process as how to approach Eve (ie: trading into pvp) I must say that i’m quite interested !

    Unlike you though I may be ‘stuck’ on the trading part of this plan.
    Eventhough I have accumulated a fair amount of market experiences, i’m still having the weird sensation that I’m not ‘doing it right’ as you said.

    I’m messing arround with spreadsheets (not even close to the level of sofistications that I can see in your print) and trying aggressives cuts but I have difficulties to keep track of my progress and i’m feeling quite submerged by my 140 orders or so…

    Anyway enough of me.

    I feel quite compelled by your writing skills and adhere to the direction you seems to take with your blog. I will follow your sharings with attention.

    Have a nice time with your pvp adventures :)

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